Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Snack Brands chips gluten free?
    Most of our products are gluten free. There are a few exceptions, such as our crackers. Refer to the Nutrition Information & Allergens section for more information.
  2. Are there allergens in your products?
    Many individuals suffer from a whole range of different allergies. That's why, if you are allergic to something in particular, you should always check to make sure it's not listed in the ingredient panel or the 'may contain' statement on any food product.
  3. What type of oil is used in the Snack Brands chips manufacture process?
    We use Sunflower Oil and Palm Oil.
  4. Where is your Palm Oil sourced?
    We use palm oil that is sourced from the Malaysian peninsula, which isn’t an area typically associated with the deforestation issues that rightly attracts a lot of media attention. Snack Brands Australia is passionate about protecting the environment and we have been buying green palm certificates since April 2010. This mechanism encourages palm oil growers to become RSPO certified by paying them a premium for certification.
    By 2015 all the palm oil we use will be 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.
    Read our Palm Oil Statement here.
    Our Kettle range of chips are cooked in Sunflower Oil
  5. Are Snack Brands chips GMO free?
    Snack Brands chips are free from any genetically modified ingredients.
  6. Do Snack Brands chips contain MSG?
    Some of our products contain MSG (621) but not all, please refer to the individual packaging for confirmation.
  7. Where do the potatoes in Snack Brands Potato Chips come from?
    We're happy to tell you that all our potatoes for our locally made snacks are sourced only from Australian farmers.
  8. Where can I find out where my favourite chips are stocked?
    You can find your favourite chips by checking out our Stockists information on our brand pages.
  9. I live overseas but love Snack Brands chips. Are your chips available for export?
    A selection of our products are available in dozens of countries. Please Contact Us for more information.
  10. My chip packet was less than half full. Why is this?
    Our packets are measured by weight rather than volume and our packaging machines are carefully programmed to ensure the correct filling of each individual packet. However if you feel the packet is not the advertised weight please fill in our Consumer contact form and we'll be happy to help you with this issue.
  11. Which of your products are Halal?
    Please Contact Us through our Consumer contact form to request an up to date listing of those products deemed suitable.
  12. Which of your products are Kosher?
    Please Contact Us through our Consumer contact form to request an up to date listing of those products deemed suitable.

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